Auth0 - Manual implementation

Auth0 provides authentication and authorization as a service.


You can implement Auth0 manually if you want to take total control over the service.

Setting up and configuring the service

Follow the steps outlined here.

Implementing the service in

Login & Sign up

Login (add your client_id, and redirect_uri):
Sign up (add your client_id, and redirect_uri), will open the login mode in sign up mode:
You have to capture the access token to be used later to identify/retrieve the user info, for this you'll use an API call with the access token on the url. Then you must determine whether the user already exists in the database; if so, log in the user; otherwise, create the user.
You can retrieve the token from the url when the user is redirected from the login or sign up to be used to retrieve the user's information and create, update, or login the user using this workflow.
Extract the access token 1
Extract the access token 2
Store the access token if you plan to use it in the future. You can add the logic to refresh it before it expires.
How to retrieve the user's info

Log out

Log out (add your client_id, and redirect_uri):
Log out
This action will log out the user from Auth0. You still have to add the action to log out the user of your Bubble app.

Troubleshooting and common issues

Don't forget to add the login/sign up, and log out redirect urls to your Auth0 settings.

More information