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Exporting data (xlsx, CSV)

Learn more advanced ways to export data to spreadsheets
To export to CSV in custom ways not supported by Bubble's "Download data as CSV" action, we recommend exporting data with the plugin "1T - CSV Creator".

Excel sheets

To export an excel spreadsheet (XLSX), we have a plugin that can be used to export the data.
The plugin takes a CSV file as an input and converts it to an XLSX file. The only native Excel feature that it supports is adding dropdowns (Data validations) to one column of the file.
  • CSV file
  • Private (yes/no)
    • Should the newly generated file be private?
    • If "yes", attach file to current user or to specified data object provided value. If false, file is publicly available and not attached to a specific data object.
  • Attach to type (optional) (Custom data type)
    • Custom data type that file will be attached to
  • Attach to (optional) (Custom data object)
    • Specific data object that file will be attached to. If this is empty and "Private" is "yes", file will be attached to the current user.
  • Website Home URL (text)
    • Used to know what URL to use when saving the excel file.
  • File name to save (text): name of output xlsx file
  • Column for dropdown (optional) (text): letter ID of column where a dropdown will be added
  • Dropdown values (optional) (text): The values to be added as possible dropdown values
    • This field should be a comma-separated list of texts, e.g. One,Two,Three,Four
  • Test mode dropdown (yes/no)
    • When set to "yes", this will replace the entire column for the dropdown random values from the list of "dropdown values".
  • XLSX file (URL), uploaded to Bubble file storage

XLSX export demo