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Tokbox video chat


This is the Tokbox demo page, set up to allow you to place the embed element into a Bubble group. Here's the editor.
Credentials for demo page are username: username and password: password.

Top level overview

Use Tokbox to create video chat rooms that hold up to three people in each chatroom. This is done via a simple HTML embed.
Soon Tokbox will change be integrated into Nexmo, a company who acquired Tokbox. If you're unable to find the correct info about Tokbox, search for a video chat service provided by Nexmo.

Detailed explanation

  • This implementation uses the Tokbox Embed approach (instead of the API/SDK).
  • Create an account and a project in the Tokbox site, making sure to create an Embed project instead of an "OpenTok API" project.
  • The Bubble app needs to be set up using a custom domain in order for this to work. It did not work in our tests when we tried to make the Website URL, but it did work with
  • Tokbox loads the embed in the center of the page by default, but we hide it on page load by using CSS rules (display: none;). The embed is then moved inside of a Bubble group with the ID bubble_video.
  • In order to connect users to each other correctly, you'll need to replace the "room" value in the Javascript file linked in the page header. If two users connect to room=airdev, they'll be able to chat, but if one connects to room=AirDev they won't be able to chat.
Make sure to set up the correct Website URL
Replace the text after Room with some text to match users to each other

Advanced use cases: OpenTok API

The OpenTok API exposes some features that are not available with embeds, such as text chat and screen sharing. These typically require a small amount custom development to integrate, but they don't come with a built-in UI component (only the back-end feature). More information on specific extra features can be found here.
If the client you're building for is unhappy with the standard Embed UI and has the resources available, it would be possible to build a better UI by combining the OpenTok API and Bubble, but it would require some custom development.