Video Group


This is a fully-responsive module that includes a video element (YouTube or Vimeo), tags, title, and descriptions. No workflows are associated with this module.


  • When this module is added to a page, it is placed within a group called Group page860Group on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all modules.

  • This module Group videoGroup contains three main groups:

    • Group verticalPadding 1 - For responsiveness (please do not delete)

    • Group verticalPadding 2 - For responsiveness (please do not delete)

    • Group 780StandardGroup - If you add more elements to the group, please ensure that they are contained within this main content group.

How to set up

  • Modify Video 780-680YoutubeVideo's video source (YouTube or Vimeo) and update the video ID field (t's usually the ID shown in the URL when watching this video on YouTube or Vimeo. It can be a dynamic ID:

    • YouTube video ID is usually 12 characters long

    • Vimeo video ID is usually 10 characters long

  • Update the data source of the title text and description text

  • Update the data source of Multidropdown standardTagsMultidropdown

    • Modify the choices style to dynamic or static based on your needs

  • Remove any elements in the module that you do need and adjust the group height (there should be 40px padding at the bottom of the group).

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