Week Daily Availability


This module shows the availability of each day of one week at a time and allows the user to toggle left and right between weeks. Ideal for booking / Airbnb type applications where you need to show a calendar of availabilities.


  • When this module is added to a page, it has a reusable element inside called weekDailyAvailabilityGroup.This reusable element contains all of the logic and UI for the module.

  • The dates are displayed based on the variable var - week start day (of data type date) that you provide

How to set up

  • Open the weekDailyAvailabilityGroup reusable

  • Open Popup Hidden Variables. This popup contains two group variables that are used in the week daily availability widget. For more information on how to use Popup Hidden Variables, click here.

    • var - Website object stores the app's website object. It is used in Text PREV and Text NEXT to pull the website's primary color.

    • var - start day stores the week's start day date

  • [OPTIONAL] Modify the data source of var - start day to include any filters you need

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