Listing Profile Page


Full layout for a generic listing profile page. Includes common UI components and a section to display multiple images. Ideal for product profiles where you would want to show multiple images of the product.


  • When this page is added to your app, it will come with four main groups:

    • Group page860Group - This group contains the responsive settings for all modules. All modules should be placed into this group.

    • Group Anchor - This group stores the data source of the profile page's thing. All elements within Group Anchor refers to this group's data source.

      • This makes it easier to set up pretty urls (e.g., Feel free to just refer to Current page's type if you are not planning on using pretty urls.

    • Group Main Image - This group's data type is set to image. It's background image is dynamically set to the group's image.

    • Group List of images - This group contains RepeatingGroup images which holds the list of images of the profile page's data type.

  • This page will come with a Popup Hidden Variables. For more information on how to use the Popup Hidden Variables, click here.

    • var - Website object - This group stores the website object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)

    • var - dummy - This is a placeholder group. You can store any data here by updating the type of content and data source of the group.

  • Clicking on Button VIEW MORE will show Group List of images

  • Clicking on Group List Image will show the selected image in Group Main Image

  • This module will come with three reusable elements:

    • star rating - Set the data source of the reusable to a number between 1 to 5 to display the appropriate stars.

How to set up

  • Remove or add additional UI components in Group Anchor

  • Resize Group page860Group and add other modules inside of it

If you add more modules, please resize Group PLACEHOLDER so that it is not overlapping with any other elements (for responsiveness).

  • Update Group Anchor's data type and data source

  • To make the profile page dynamic, update the page's type of content and set Group Anchor's data source to Current page's data type

  • To change the default image on which main image to show when the page is loaded, open Group Main Image and update the image data source.

  • To change the list of images displayed in the top section, update RepeatingGroup images's type of content and data source.

UI design components

Please note that these components are all purely design assets and that they are not connected to any workflows. Hide or remove any components that you do not need.

Group Status

Use this component to indicate whether a user is online, offline, or busy by adding conditional statements to change the background color of the group

Group Rating

Use this component to display profile ratings

Group Left and Group Right

Simple navigation arrows you can use to view different profiles

Group Star Rating

Use this component to display star rating and reviews. Set the star rating reusable element's data source to a number between 1 to 5

Group Tags

Use this component to display a list of tags. It contains an element called Multidropdown tags (the element is set to disabled). Make sure to set the Choices style to Dynamic choices and to update the choices list and default value list.

Group Progress Bar

This group uses a plugin called Progress Bar

Use this component to display progress or completion rate. Update Progress barLayout1-1's percentage to dynamically refer to a number.

Group Button Menu Items

Use this component to show additional options in a menu focus group called GroupFocus button.

Group Actions

Use these groups to navigate to different pages/tabs or trigger a popup to show

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