Search Page


Responsive layout for a generic search page. Includes common filter options in the side menu.The sidebar menu is hidden by default on mobile but users can click on the filter icon in the upper left to open the sidebar.


  • When this page is added to your app, it will come with two main groups:

    • Group page860Group - This group contains the responsive settings for all modules. All modules should be placed into this group.

    • Group tabItems - This group contains all the portal tab menu items

  • This page will come with a Popup Hidden Variables. For more information on how to use the Popup Hidden Variables, click here.

    • var - Website object - This group stores the website object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)

    • var - RepeatingGroup Categories - This repeating group will store the user's checked categories in RepeatingGroup List

    • var - dummy - This is a placeholder group. You can store any data here by updating the type of content and data source of the group.

  • This page will come with one reusable element: header A

  • Changing input values in the sidebar will run a custom workflow called Perform search

How to set up

  • Update the data source or add/remove any input elements in the sidebar to fit your use case

    • Update the Perform search custom workflow

    • Update workflows for when element's value is changed then run custom workflow Perform search.

If you add or remove filters, please resize Group sidebar PLACEHOLDER so that it is not overlapping with any other elements (for responsiveness).

  • Update RepeatingGroup List and var - RepeatingGroup Categories's type of content and data source

  • Resize Group page860Group and add other modules inside of it

    • Link the filters to a module you've added by setting search constraints on the module's repeating group's data source

If you add more modules, please resize Group PLACEHOLDER so that it is not overlapping with any other elements (for responsiveness).

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