Page name: account Purpose: Enables your users to manage their profile and account credentials through a self service portal

The Canvas base template has the following navigation tabs visible by default but you can hide any of these by going to Group Main content > Group Main sidebar > Group Inner sidebar content in the elements tree.

We also have included 6 placeholder groups to add additional functionality.


Here the user can update the profile picture as well as the first and last name on their account.

There are also two hidden groups that contain the UI for a user to set their username as well as fill out an about me section.

Login credentials

Let your users manage the email and password for their account while providing account security by requiring the current password for any changes to be made.

Contains all the UI and workflows to ensure the new password meets the password policy you have set up for your app.


Allow your users to update their payment method as well as view all their payment history on your platform


In the notifications tab the user can set their notification preferences. Please note, this is UI only in the base template and does not make any changes to your app. You will need to set up the workflows and logic to manage the preferences set here.

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