Page name: verify Purpose: Destination page where users are directed to when they click the verify button from the email in the email verification process


The verify page has four events that trigger different workflows depending on the scenario

Page is loaded and current email verification is empty

Ifcurrent page email verification is empty, users will be shown an expired link group, and they will automatically be sent a new verification email.

Page is loaded and current email verification is not empty

They will be shown am email verified group and the user's date completed sign up will be marked as completed. If the email verification user's emailis different from the email verification's email field, then the user's email will be updated to the new email. Once the user's email is verified on this page, an API workflow will be scheduled to delete the current page email verification.

Button continue is clicked

Users will be redirect to the index page if they are logged in. If they are not logged in, they will be taken to the login page.

Button go home is clicked

They will be redirected to the index page.

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