Welcome to the Canvas Social Network template reference document!


This template is built by AirDev, a leading Bubble development firm and is based on AirDev's experience through hundreds of client engagements with clients that range from startups to large enterprises. It includes basic functionality required by most social networks - ability to create a profile, find other users, add them as friends, post updates, message, and more.

The template is fully extendable through the Canvas Portal, which allows quickly adding fully-responsive pages to the application as well as connecting with AirDev's network of Bubble experts who are trained in the Canvas methodology and who can help change or add features in your application.

This document serves as a reference for the template. It is complemented by our Bubble Development Guide, which talks about best practices when it comes to Bubble development.

AirDev Canvas Walkthrough

How to quickly test the app

  1. Visit the application’s homepage and create a new account

  2. Finish setting up your profile from your dashboard

  3. After submitting, you should be redirect to your personal feed. Try viewing the page at different device widths and creating a new post (you can also create a post from your profile page!)

  4. Visit the application’s search page and try adding some new friends!