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Pricing Plans Popup

Use this to display pricing plans with different billing frequencies.


Use this popup to display pricing plans with different billing frequencies.


This popup includes the following:
  • A hidden variable called var - selection that captures the user's current selection
  • A title text and a collapsible description text that can be hidden.
  • A toggle tabs group (Group Main tab_text) with two inner tab options (Group Inner tab 1_text and Group Inner tab 2_text)
    • Clicking on each inner tab group will run a workflow to display the inner tab's group text (e.g. Monthly or Annually) in Group Main tab_text and change the current tab view.
    • Currently clicking on each tab will just change the "/month" and "/year" text in the repeating group.
Conditional statement in a text element in the repeating group
  • RepeatingGroup Dummy displays a list of things
  • Clicking on Button Cancel and Button Confirm will close the popup

How to set up

  • Update the title and description text.
    • You can hide the description text by selecting Group Collapsible text and unchecking the box for This element is visible on page load.
  • Update the text data sources for Group Inner tab 1_text and Group Inner tab 2_text. Changing the name here will change the toggle tab text.
  • Update RepeatingGroup Dummy's data source to the data type you want to display.
    • Update all the inner groups in the repeating group to the new data type
    • Select Group Inner price_number, Text Basic, and Text For hobbyists and remove all conditional statements on those elements (these are placeholders).
    • Update var - selection's data source (this should be the same as the repeating group's data type).
  • Add workflow to Button Confirm.

How to display different content in each tab

  • If you want to change a text in the repeating group when the current tab is changed, you should update that text element directly and use the format as text: yes/no logic.
  • If you want to display a completely different set of list for the other tab, you should add a conditional statement to the repeating group similar to the following: