Canvas Documentation

Send Message Popup

Use this popup to send messages to users or companies.


This popup is helpful for the following uses cases:
  • To send a message to a User
  • To send a message to a company
  • To request more information about a product or other unique thing
  • To begin a customer support chat
  • To display a form with any image elements at the top
If you are displaying a product within this popup, it's best to change the roundness on the profile picture from 360px to 12px so that the product image isn't cropped.


  • This popup contains two inner groups, which are shown conditionally based on the var - step value. The var - step value is 1 by default and changes to 2 after the user clicks Button Send Message element to show the confirmation UI.
    • Group Contact user - step 1
      • This group contains the User profile and form elements to send a message
    • Group Contact user - step 2
      • This group shows a confirmation message that the message was successfully sent.
  • Clicking on Group close (send message) or Button Cancel will close the popup.

How to set up

  • Add a display data action that changes the data source of the Popup Send message to be the just-clicked User.
    • By default, the data source is set to "Do a Search for Users: first item".
  • In that same workflow, make sure the var - step value is set to 1.
    • This ensures that the Group Contact user - step 1 element is visible each time the popup is opened.
  • Add any other inputs that your form will need.
  • Hide or delete any inputs that may not be needed.