Key Features

There are a lot of benefits to using Canvas. Here are some the best features.

Admin portal

Canvas has a fully designed and functional admin portal built in to the base template. Manage your app settings, view and add users, create new marketing pages, and much more.

Marketing page builder

Need fast loading, SEO friendly marketing pages to show off your application to potential users? Canvas now comes with a page builder and a host of professionally designed blocks to create a beautiful marketing site on top of your main application!

Canvas extension

Use the Canvas extension at any time during development to expand your application with professionally designed, fully responsive pages & blocks or update the colors throughout your application all directly from within the Bubble editor.

Custom email templates

We've integrated Canvas with Sendgrid to send transactional emails using a beautiful HTML template. You can create unlimited email templates with dynamically populated data directly from the admin portal.

Built-in user management

Almost every application will need to provide their users some basic functionality for signing up, logging in, and managing their account details. However, creating this functionality can add a lot of time to your build.

As much of the functionality for user management is the same across applications, you can find yourself rebuilding the same elements and workflows many times.

We have been able to streamline this process and from signup/login, password reset, email verification, profile management and much more, the Canvas base template comes with a robust and fully functional user management system ready to go as soon as it is downloaded.

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