Marketing Pages

Expand your application by adding unlimited marketing pages to your template using the Canvas Page Builder.

To get started, login to your admin portal and navigate to Pages in the left menu.

You will see a list of all the current marketing pages in your site. The first time you view this section you an index and an about page that come standard with your template.

Creating a new marketing page

Click the '+ Add marketing page' button. In the popup enter the unique path you would like this page to be located at on your url (e.g.

Both of these values can be updated later but keep in mind that updating the unique path for a page will break the connection of any links to this page that are using the original path name.

Enter a description for your page and click the Create button. The description entered here is for your reference and does not appear to your users.

Your new page will now appear in the list of marketing pages for your site.

Building your marketing page

Now that your page is created, let's get started building it by clicking the pencil icon to open the Canvas Page Builder.

There are several main options to familiarize yourself with when first getting started.


Clicking the Background tile will open a module allowing you to select from several different styles of backgrounds. These are SVG files that will automatically adjust to the color palette you choose and will span the entire background of your page


Canvas offers a number of professionally curated color palettes that will help make your page beautiful.

You can also create a custom color palette and save it to be used in other marketing pages as well! Simply select the custom option, choose your colors, and click 'Save custom palette'.

Page canvas

The page canvas is where you will design the UI of your marketing page with our professionally designed and fully responsive page blocks.

To add a new block, hover over the page canvas and click on the plus icon.

When you find the block you need, click '+ Add block' to add it to your page.

To edit a block, hover your mouse over the block you want to change until the options panel appears at the top right of the block.

  • Click the arrows to move the block's position up or down the page.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the content and properties

  • Click the trash can to delete the block from your page entirely

Publish your page

As you work in the page builder your page changes will be saved automatically so you can come back to continue building your page at any time.

If you want to reset your changes, click the 'Discard draft' button to revert to the last published version of your page.

Once your page is ready for primetime, click the 'Publish' button to push it live!

Publishing only publishes the page in the version you are working in. It's a good practice to create and edit Marketing pages in the development version and then copy the Marketing pages data to the live database.

Get Help

If you ever get stuck or need help with anything, click the question mark icon in the top right of the screen. Here you can watch a video tutorial on using the editor or access the support portal to ask a question or report a bug.

Managing your page

You can manage the details of your page in the admin portal from the dropdown action menu on the page.

Edit page info - This allows you to edit the unique path and the page description for your page.

Clone page - This will duplicate the page. The unique path of the new page will be the same as the page that was cloned with '-copy' appended.

Edit SEO tags - By default your page will use your application's standard SEO settings. If you prefer you can customize the title, description, and preview image that is shown when a link to this page is shared on social media or seen through a Google search. Simply uncheck the 'Use the application's standard SEO/social tags' checkbox.

Delete - Permanently deletes the page. You will be shown a confirmation popup before the page is deleted.

Changing the unique path for a page will break the connection of any links to this page.

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