FAQ Group


This is a fully-responsive block that includes a frequently asked questions group for displaying a list of questions. Users can click on a question to view the answer to that question.


  • When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a group called Blocks container 860 (do not rename) on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.
  • This block contains five main groups:
    • Group Main header contains the title text and a hidden description text
    • Group Inner question contains the question text and a feather icon
    • Group Inner answer contains the answer text to the question
      • Group Inner PLACEHOLDER - If you add more elements to the group, please resize this group and ensure it is not overlapping with any other elements.
    • RepeatingGroup Dummy displays the list of questions.
    • Group Main PLACEHOLDER - Please resize this group if you add more elements to the group
  • Clicking on Group Main select faq tile will show or hide the answer group.

How to set up

  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Dummy and update the text elements to reference current cell's data.