Listing details with icons and menu focus group


This fully-responsive block includes a title text, icons with labels, star rating, description text, and tags. It is ideal for displaying a list of fields on an object. No workflows are associated with this block.


  • When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a group called Blocks container 860 (do not rename) on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.

  • Group Inner content contains the following UI components:

    • Group Inner more contains the menufocusgroup_template reusable element. For more information on how to use menu focus groups, please click here.

    • Group Collapsible icons contains icons with labels. Ideal for displaying short fields such as duration and location.

    • Group Collapsible reviews contains a reusable element called star rating. Set the data source of the reusable to a number between 1 to 5 to display the appropriate stars.

    • Group Collapsible description contains a text element for display long descriptions.

    • Group Collapsible tags contains a disabled multidropdown.

    • You can add additional UI components to the group by resizing Group PLACEHOLDER. Please ensure the placeholder group is not overlapping with any other elements.

How to set up

  • Hide any groups that you are not using

  • Go to menufocusgroup_template and add workflows to each visible menu item.

  • Update the data sources of all text elements and the multidropdown.

  • Update star rating's data source

  • Update feather icons

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