2-Column Product Checkout Page


Responsive layout for a generic two-column product checkout page. Includes a cart sidebar with common UI components displaying items added to your cart.


  • When this page is added to your app, it will come with six main groups:

    • Group Main - This group contains the responsive settings for all modules.

    • Group page860Group - All additional modules added should be placed into this group.

    • Group Details - This group contains common UI components that you can customize.

    • Group Pictures - This group stores the product's main image and list of images. It contains two groups:

      • Group Pic main - This group stores the product's main image on desktop.

      • RepeatingGroup Product Images - This repeating group holds the list of images of the product page's data type.

    • Group Sidebar menu - This group contains UI components for a generic cart.

      • RepeatingGroup Dummy cart stores the data for the list of items you've added to your cart.

    • FloatingGroup checkout button - This floating group contain a checkout button that is only visible when Current page width is less than or equal to 664 or when Current scrolling position is greater than or equal to 665

  • This page comes with two popups:

    • Popup View image contains an element called Slideshow Photos which shows a list of images (it uses a Bubble plugin called Slick Slideshow).

    • Popup Hidden Variables contains two groups:

      • var - Website object - This group stores the website object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)

      • var - dummy data - This is a variable placeholder group.

  • Clicking on Button VIEW PHOTOS will show Popup View image

  • This page will come with one reusable element:

How to set up

  • [OPTIONAL] Remove or add additional UI components in Group Details

  • [OPTIONAL] Resize Group page860Group and add other modules inside of it

If you add more modules, please resize Group PLACEHOLDER MAIN so that it is not overlapping with any other elements (for responsiveness).

  • Update var - dummy data's data type and data source

  • To make the profile page dynamic, update the page's type of content and set var - dummy data's data source to Current page's data type

  • To change the default image on which main image to show when the page is loaded, open Group Pic Main and update the dynamic image data source.

  • To change the list of images displayed in the top section, update RepeatingGroup Product Images's type of content and data source.

  • [OPTIONAL] Resize Group Sidebar menu and add or remove UI components inside of it.

  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Dummy cart and update the text elements in Group Sidebar menu.

If you add more UI components, please resize Group SIDEBAR PLACEHOLDER so that it is not overlapping with any other elements (for responsiveness).

  • Add workflows to Button CHECKOUT and Group delete

  • Open Popup View image and update the data source for Slideshow Photos

  • Move FloatingGroup checkout button and make sure the bottom of FloatingGroup checkout button aligns with the bottom of the page.

  • Add workflows to Button CHECKOUT

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