5-Column Date Table with Cell Selection, Menu Focus Group, and Filters


This block allows a user to view a list of things in a data table format and apply additional filters to the list. A user can click on the ︙icon to edit or delete an item via a menu focus group.


  • When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a Blocks container 860 (do not rename) on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.

  • This block contains three main groups:

    • Group Main header This group contains the title, add button, and reusable element applyfilters.

    • Group Table Header This group contains the table column headers (each column has its own hiding rule)

    • Group Main data table

      This group contains the table column data (each column has its own hiding rule)

  • RepeatingGroup Dummy contains the list of things (you should update the data source)

  • This module contains the menufocusgroup_template reusable element. This reusable element contains all the additional actions you can perform (e.g., edit data, delete data, and more)

How to set up

  • Go to the page where you have added the block and update RepeatingGroup Dummy's data source

  • Update header text and the data source of the texts in the block

  • Remove Button Add or add a workflow to the button

  • For more information on how to customize the filters, please click here.

  • Open menufocusgroup_template and modify the type of content displayed in the reusable to be whatever object for which you want

  • Under the elements tree, you can view hidden menu options within the menufocusgroup_template. Simply click on Group Option # and check or uncheck the settings for This element is visible on page load to show or hide a menu option.

  • Update the workflows for when Group Option X is clicked

  • For more information on how to use menufocusgroups, please click here.

How can I add or hide columns?

Currently, there are some hiding rules associated with this data table. If you only want certain columns to show on mobile, you should go to the responsive editor and modify the hiding rules of both the header text and data text (for the column that you want to hide). Make sure they have the exact same responsive settings (hiding rule with, minimum width, maximum width, responsive alignment, and width).

  • Go to the page where you have added the module and in the Bubble Editor click on the Responsive tab next to UI Builder

  • Using the ruler at the top (<-->), adjust the page width to the width that you want the column to hide at

  • Click on the element or column you want to hide at that page width and check the settings for hide when parent width <= WIDTH

    • The same hiding rule should be applied to both the header text group and text in the reusable element in order to hide the entire column

You can further customize the data table by removing columns that you do not need. If you do edit the columns, please make sure that the header and data texts all align (start at the same x position), nothing is overlapping, and all the responsive settings for the header texts and data texts match exactly (hiding rule with, minimum width, maximum width, responsive alignment, and width).

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