Grant access to your Stripe account

A Stripe account is needed to process payments in your Bubble app. This guide will show you how to set up your Stripe account for a new client and grant access to your Airdev developer so they can integrate your account with your app. If you already have a Stripe Account you can skip to step 2.

1. Go to and click the button "Sign Up." Fill the required information and click Create your Stripe Account.

2. In the top left dropdown, create a new account

3. Go to Account Settings -> Manage Team and click the button "New Member." Fill in the dev's email and Select the role Admin. Click the button Invite Now your Airdev developer can access your Stripe account (only this project) to create the required API's and set the API's keys in the Bubble app. @mention the developer in the portal to let them know they have access!

4. To get the API keys, go to Developers -> API Keys and copy your public and secret API keys.

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