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To setup SendGrid for your app, please visit this step in our Canvas Manual.

Spam filter solutions

If emails from your app are hitting a spam filter or being blocked by company firewalls, there are a few steps you can take to identify and fix the issue:

  • Authenticate your domain: Here is a short article explaining the process

  • Add DKIM, DMARC, SPF verification: This is done in the DNS settings for the domain. We haven't written up the details but you can flag your PM if you think this is needed.

  • Test your send email: You can go to this site to get an email address that you can trigger an email to from your app. You can then refresh the page on the site to get some information on whether the domain is blocked.

Including a list of things in an email

You can see the editor of how to set this up here and the preview here

The high-level steps are as follows:

  1. Create an HTML field on the object that you want to send in an email. This field should store the HTML code for displaying the contents of the object in the email.

  2. Keep that field updated whenever the object is updated (either through a Custom Workflow or through an API workflow)

  3. When sending an email, populate the contents of all of the matching objects' HTML fields in the body, joined with a blank space

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