2-Column Large Metrics Dashboard Widgets


This block includes two dashboard widgets for displaying high level metrics:


  • When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a group called Blocks container 860 (do not rename) on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.
  • This block includes a title group that is hidden by default.
  • Group main metric 1 and Group main metric 2 can be used to highlight key metrics.
  • This block also contains a placeholder group. To add more elements to the block, you can resize this group to make space for additional elements.

How to set up

  • To show the title group, select Group Collapsible Main header section and check the box for This element is visible on page load.
  • Update the title text elements
  • Update the data source of the group
  • Update the conditional statements on 'Text number'
    • These conditional statements are used to format the text to display a decrease, increase, or no change in the numbers.

Other updates

  • Each widget group includes a primary action button
  • To use, please remember to add a workflow to the button.
  • To show, please select Group responsive primary action container and check the box for This element is visible on page load.