4-Column Profile Tiles Repeating Group


This repeating group is helpful to display many user profiles at once on search and portal pages. You can also use it to display companies or any unique data type with a multiline description and 3-4 metrics.


When this block is added to your app, the extension will place it within the Blocks container 860 (do not rename) group on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.

  • Group 4-Column Profile Tiles RG This group contains all of the UI components for the list.

    • Group Title Group with Button and Filters This is a customizable section that includes a title, dropdown, toggle tabs, description text, sort dropdown, filters, and a new button. For more information, please read the instructions here.

    • All data is displayed in RepeatingGroup Dummy

      • Group Main product tile_Dummy includes the user profile content

      • Group PLACEHOLDER - Please resize this group if you add more elements to the group

How to set up

  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Dummy and update the text elements to reference the current cell's data.

  • Hide or delete any unneeded elements.

  • Update the transparent link elements (e.g., Link instagram, Link facebook, Link twitter) above the social media icons.

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