Vertical Multi-Step Page Template


This page includes a series of groups and a progress bar. Users can go back and forth between steps using the "Back" and "Next" buttons. Users can also change steps by clicking on one of the left-side tabs. This page is best used for complex onboarding processes and complex intake forms.


  • When this page is added to your app, it will come with two main groups:
    • Group Multistep Forms contains the following:
      • Group Collapsible tab 1 includes a form with various inputs
      • Group Collapsible tab 2 includes a one-column form
      • Group Collapsible tab 3 includes an image, title text, and description text (ideal format for onboarding screens)
        • You should upload an SVG image
      • Group Collapsible tab 4 includes a multi-select repeating group
        • RepeatingGroup Dummy holds the data for the multi-select options (type Dummy). It also has a custom state on it for the user's list of selected options.
        • Clicking on Group Main select option will add the Repeating Group's current option to the custom state list of selected options.
      • Group Collapsible tab 5 includes a loading screen
      • Group Collapsible tab 5 includes a confirmation screen with an icon, title text, and description text, and button
      • Group Main buttons includes Button Back and Button Next
    • Blocks container 860 (do not rename)
      This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks on the page. Any new blocks should be added to this group.
  • FloatingGroup Bottom menu contains Button Back mobile and Button Next mobile
    • The group is only visible when the current page width is less than or equal to 500
  • This page comes with one popup:
    • Popup Hidden Variables contains four groups:
      • var - Website object This group stores the website object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)
      • var - dummy data A placeholder group in case you want to use any hidden variable groups later.
      • var - current step This group stores the current step number (step the user is currently on)
      • var - total steps This group stores the number of total steps in the process
  • Clicking on Button Back and Button Back mobile will move the user to the previous step
  • Clicking on Button Next and Button Next mobile will move the user to the next step
  • This page will come with one reusable element:

How to set up

  • Modify the data source of var - total steps
  • [Optional] Make all of the Group Nav X Border Group elements tabs not clickable if the User won't be able to change steps by clicking on elements within the sidebar
  • [Optional] Make only some of the Group Nav X Border Group elements tabs clickable, depending on how much information the Current User has submitted.
    • Note: This is a more complex setup that will require adding an extra field to the User data type that stores the most recent completed step for each User.
  • [Optional] Hide any of the Group Nav X Border Group elements for any extra tabs that aren't needed.
  • [Optional] Expand the height of Blocks container 860 (do not rename) and add other blocks inside of it
  • [Optional] Add or modify any conditions on the "Button Back" and "Button Next" elements that trigger the Change process step custom event.
  • Add workflow to Button Go to portal
  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Dummy in Group Collapsible tab 4