Multi-Select Pill Tabs Popup


Use this multi-select pill tabs popup to collect data for a Thing. This block includes the Multiselect Pills visual element from the Canvas UI elements plugin.


  • The CanvasMultiselectPills plugin element can display any list of Things in pill-shaped tabs. The pills are responsive in width and will adjust based on the display text of each pill.

  • By default, the pill style will utilize your app's primary colors. You can adjust the styling within the property editor of the visual element.

How to set up

  • Update the title and description text.

  • In the CanvasMultiselectPills plugin element's property editor, update the type of content and data source of the plugin element.

You do not need to add any workflows for the multi-select functionality. The plugin element has multi-select functionality built into it.

  • Add a workflow to the Confirm Button to save the user's selections.

Other customization options

  • Change the alignment of the tabs from "left-justified" to "centered" or "right-justified" through the property editor's alignment dropdown.

  • Change the responsive behavior of the tabs from "wrap to the next line" to "scroll horizontally" or "scroll vertically" through the property editor's flow dropdown.

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