Add List Popup


A popup to add items to a repeating group and save them to the database.


The popup includes the following:
  • Input to add a new thing
  • Group Main add (addlist) icon to initiate the add thing workflow
  • RepeatingGroup list items that displays a list of texts (you can modify the data type)
    • The Repeating group has a custom state Texts for a list of texts (you can modify this as well)
  • Group Main delete (addlist) icon to delete the added thing from the list
  • Clicking on Button Cancel, Button Add items, and Group close (addlist) will close the popup

How to set up

  • Update the data source for RepeatingGroup list items and RepeatingGroup list item's texts custom state
  • Add workflow to Button Add items
  • Add a workflow on the page to show Popup addListPopup