Free Bubble Marketing Page


This page recreates all the free blocks in the Canvas marketing page builder. All of the content blocks are built with Bubble elements instead of static html and css. This marketing page is ideal for users who: a) Cannot use the Canvas marketing page builder because they are not on a paid Bubble plan b) Want to be able to customize the marketing page by adding custom designs c) Want to link content blocks to database objects


When this page is added to your app, it will include 16 pre-built marketing blocks:

  • Page You can easily change the page background to one of our free svg backgrounds.

  • Group Main left-justified hero blocks This is the first block that users will see when they visit your website. This section should summarize what your website is about in a few sentences and include call to action buttons. This block includes a Group Collapsible Standard SearchBar that you can unhide by checking the box for 'This element is visible on page load'.

  • Group Main centered hero with long text Use this hero block when you have longer heading and subheading.

  • Group Main right-justified about block and Group Main left-justified about block This is a content block that allows you to feature a title, an image, and a list of four items.

  • Group Main right-justified text and image block and Group Main left-justified text and image block This block allows you to feature some text content, an image, and a call to action button.

  • Group Main right-justified content list block and Group Main left-justified content list block This is a content block that allows you to feature an image, title, description, and a list of texts.

  • Group Main left-justified text content This block allows you to feature multiple lines of text and a bulleted list of text.

  • Group Main centered text block This block allows you to feature multiple lines of centered text and a bulleted list of text.

  • Group Main 4-column feature blocks, Group Main 3-column feature blocks, Group Main 2-column feature blocks, and Group Main 1-column feature blocks This is block allows you to feature a list of items. Each item includes an icon, title, and description.

  • Group Main html embed This block allows you to include a title and add your own custom embed code. For demo purposes, we included a video embed.

  • Group Main call to action block This block features a centered description text and two buttons.

This page also includes a popup and a reusable element:

  • Popup Hidden Variables contains two groups:

    • var - Website object This group stores the website object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)

    • var - dummy data A placeholder group in case you want to use any hidden variable groups later.

How to set up

Changing your page background

  • To change the colors in the svg background, you would need to have a program that supports this format (e.g., Sketch app or Adobe illustrator).

Updates to older versions of the template

  • Please check your Canvas Base Template version by going to your Bubble editor > Data tab > App data tab > All websites table > Click to view the website entry and the Template version field. If your template version is not 3.3.3 or later then please add the following state and workflows:

    • Go to the header reusable and add a custom state called 'Remove background?' (yes/no)

    • Select Group Header and make the following changes to the conditional tab: Add a new conditional when header's Remove background? is "yes" then change background color opacity to 0 and set boxshadow style to "None". Modify the conditional statement when Current page scrolling position > 0 by adding and header's Remove background? is "no".

Show or hide a block

  • To show or hide a block, simply click on the main group and check or uncheck the box for 'This element is visible on page load'.

  • Update the data source of repeating groups in the features list blocks

  • Update the image and text content in the blocks and add workflows to buttons

All of the blocks are fully responsive. Please refrain from moving things out of their container groups as this would affect responsiveness. To add additional elements to a block, resize Group Placeholder and make sure it is not overlapping with any other elements.

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