3-Column Mini Grid Tiles Repeating Group


This repeating group is helpful for the following uses cases:
  • To display a list of many results with a small image and 1-2 fields.
  • To display a list of product categories with images.
  • To create a custom multi-select repeating group where users can select one or more options before proceeding to the next step.


When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a group called Blocks container 860 (do not rename) on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.
  • This block contains three main groups:
    • Group Responsive left vertical padding and Group Responsive right vertical padding For responsiveness (please do not delete), this maintains the padding between the content and the outer parent group.
    • Group Inner cell hover_Dummy - If you add more elements to the group, please ensure that they are contained within this main content group.
  • All data is displayed in RepeatingGroup Dummy.

How to set up

  • Update RepeatingGroup Dummy's data source.
  • Update the data source of the inner texts and links in the block.
  • Remove the placeholder conditionals on the image element and the title element.
  • If you are using this asset to create a multi-select repeating group, the selected state can look like this:
Multi-select repeating group selected state style