Video List Page


Responsive layout for a generic video page. Includes a main video group, a repeating group for displaying a video playlist, and a content group at the bottom for description and notes. Ideal for online courses or music platform apps.


  • When this page is added to your app, it will come with five main groups:

    • Group Inner video dark background This group contains a Video Input element.

    • Group Main video list This group contains the UI for selecting a new video and a Repeating Group called RepeatingGroup Dummy.

    • Group Main video details This group contains a group for displaying details about the video.

    • Group PLACEHOLDER video This group has a hiding rule set by default (when parent width is >1). It collapses the extra horizontal space below the main video group.

    • Blocks container 860 (do not rename)

      This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks on the page. Any new blocks should be added to this group.

  • This page comes with one popup:

    • Popup Hidden Variables contains two groups:

      • var - Website object This group stores the website object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)

      • var - dummy data A placeholder group in case you want to use any hidden variable groups later.

      • var - watched list (dummy) This stores the list of videos that the user has watched and completed. This is currently using the Dummy data object and should be updated.

  • This page will come with one reusable element:

How to set up

  • Modify Video Inputs's video source (YouTube or Vimeo) and update the video ID field (t's usually the ID shown in the URL when watching this video on YouTube or Vimeo. It can be a dynamic ID:

    • YouTube video ID is usually 12 characters long

    • Vimeo video ID is usually 10 characters long

  • Update RepeatingGroup Dummy's data source to display a list of videos (you need to create a data object for this). Update var - watched list (dummy)'s data source as well.

  • Update the text in Group Inner video details or hide Group Main video details if not needed.

    • To hide the group, uncheck the box for This page is visible on page load

  • Resize Blocks container 860 (do not rename) and add other blocks inside of it

If you add more blocks, please resize Group PLACEHOLDER so that it is not overlapping with any other elements (for responsiveness).

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