Cookie and consent banner

We consider it a best practice to ask users for consent to save cookies before storing data on their device and have built this functionality directly into Canvas. To set this up properly, let's start in the Bubble editor.

Once you have the editor open, from the left menu navigate to Settings > General > Privacy & Security. Here we need to check the box that says 'Do not set cookies on new visitors by default'

Next log in to the admin portal, click on Settings > Cookies and toggle the 'Require users to agree to the storing of cookies in their browsers when they visit your website' to ON.

Element name: cookies_permission Purpose: Get the user's consent to store cookies on their device

The Cookie Consent Banner is built as a reusable floating group and by default is placed on the index page of your Canvas template and anchored to the bottom.

To add the consent banner to another page, drag it from the list of Reusable elements onto the design canvas of the page you would like to place it and make sure it is positioned at the bottom edge of the page.

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