Canvas Documentation

Standard Form Popup

Use this for short forms that do not need multi-file uploaders.


A basic form popup that includes various input types and two buttons.


This popup includes the following input types:
  • Input
  • Multiline input
  • Dropdown
  • Date/Time picker
  • Searchbox input
  • Radio buttons
  • Picture uploader
  • File uploader
  • Checkbox
  • Slider input
  • Multidropdown
  • Multifile uploader
Clicking on Group Inner close (standard form), Button Cancel, and Button Save changes will close the popup.

How to set up

  • Delete or hide any input fields you do not need
  • Change any text content in the popup
  • Add workflow to Button Save changes
    • You should add a workflow to Create a new thing or Make changes to a thing in your database
  • Add a workflow on the page to show Popup standardForm