Large Chart Dashboard Widget


The block includes a standard Bubble chart element that you can use to display a line, bar, radar, pie, or donut chart.


  • When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a group called Blocks container 860 (do not rename) on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.

  • Group Main chart contains a standard Bubble chart element

  • This block also includes two reusable elements that you can customize:

    • filters_template

    • menufocus_template

How to set up

  • Clone and replace, or hide the menufocus_template element depending on whether the the app needs to associate more actions with this table (e.g., Edit, Delete). For more information about how to best use menufocus_template within your application, please click here.

  • Modify the text element data sources

  • Update the data source for Line/BarChart

  • Hide any UI elements that you are not using by unchecking the element's box for This element is visible on page load