Reviews with Ratings Summary and Images

Use this group to submit a review and view a list of existing ratings and reviews


The block contains a form to submit a rating with the option of attaching multiple images. It also includes a section for viewing the rating summary and another section for viewing/filtering a list of existing reviews. This block includes the UI for a user to like a review, flag a review, and for an owner to respond to a review.


This block consists of five main groups:

  • Group Main Title Block This block contains a title text and a Button Leave a review which shows the Group Main Review Form when clicked.

    • Group Main Review Form This is the form that allows a user to leave a review with a rating. This group consists of the user’s details, star rating, input for review title, input for review description, and a multimageuploader_template reusable element for adding images to the review.

      • The Group Inner Upload Media Button toggles the visibility of the multiimageuploader_template.

      • Clicking on Button Post review will close the form.

  • Group Main Rating Summary This group shows a summary of all existing ratings and number of reviews. It includes the following:

    • Group Inner Overall Rating that shows the average rating and the total number of reviews.

    • Group Inner Reviews by Rating which shows the percentage of each star rating from all reviews. Each progress bar is a reusable element called starratingprogressbar_template. You can edit the progress bar content and displaying settings by modifying the reusable properties on each instance of the reusable element.

    • RepeatingGroup Review Images which shows all the images uploaded from all reviews. For demo purpose, we are currently using Arbitrary text as the data source. You will need to change this later on to reference your own data type by following instructions here.

      • Group BlackTransparentBG is a placeholder group for showing additional images. For example, you might want to add a workflow here to open the images in a popup (e.g, Multimedia Slideshow Popup).

  • Group Main Data List This group consists of the following:

    • starratingdropdown_template reusable element When this group is clicked, it shows a GroupFocus Filter By Rating that allows you to select the star rating you want to filter RepeatingGroup Reviews by. The GroupFocus contains a RepeatingGroup text (filter focus group) that shows the list of options. Selecting an option updates GroupFocus Filter By Rating's data source.

    • Group Main Search Input with Icon This searchbox can be used to search for reviews using a particular text or keyword. You'll need to reference this input in your RepeatingGroup Reviews's data source as a search criteria once you've updated the data source to reference your own data type (learn more).

    • Group Sort by This group selects the parameter you would like to sort your review list by. It contains Dropdown Reviews Sort by where you can update the sort by list.

    • RepeatingGroup Reviews This is the Repeating Group that shows the list of reviews. Each cell in this repeatingg roup consists of:

      • Group Inner Review Details This group contains the following:

        • Group Inner Review Title and Rating This group shows the image of the reviewer, the name of the reviewer, the star rating given by the reviewer, the date the review was given, the number of likes the review has, and a menu to execute actions like flag the review or delete the review (using menufocus_template reusable element).

        • Group Inner read more?_yes/no This group is hidden either when the review description is less than 280 characters or when this group itself is clicked to show the entire review description if the description is longer than 280 characters.

        • RepeatingGroup Images This shows the list of images uploaded or attached to the review. If the list of images exceeds the page width, it can be scrolled horizontally to the right.

        • Group Main Review Reply This group contains the reply to the review. This group is displayed only when there is a reply to the review. By default, this is a placeholder. You will need to review the group's conditional statement and update the conditionals on when to show this.

    • Group Main Empty State This group will be visible when RepeatingGroup Reviews does not have any entries.

How to set up

  • Update the data source or text for Group Average Rating Number and Button number of reviews elements that exist in Group Rating Average and Number of Reviews from static to dynamic values.

  • Update the data source of Group Inner review user info in Group Inner Review Form to show the current user information instead of static information. Add workflows to button to save and create the review. Additionally you might want to prompt the user to log in if the user is currently logged out before they can submit a review.

  • Update the text element in Group Inner Overall Rating from static text to dynamic values.

  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Review Images from Arbitrary text to the review images (learn more).

  • Update starratingprogressbar_template reusable element instances from static values to dynamic values.

  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup text (filter focus group) in starratingdropdown_template from Arbitrary text to a dynamic list.

  • Update RepeatingGroup Reviews data source from Arbitrary text to a data source that matches the list of reviews that exists in your database. Click here to learn how to change the data source.

  • Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Images from Arbitrary text to the review images.

  • Update the conditional statements on RepeatingGroup Images and Group Main Review Reply to control the visibility rules based on your database setup.

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