Canvas Manual
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Here are the articles in this section:
Monthly Calendar Scheduling Widget
No Reply Comments Thread
Nested Comments Thread (with Like and Reply)
Placeholder Group
List with Circular Progress Bar Repeating Group
Top Input Chat Widget
Bottom Input Chat Widget
Toggle Tabs Group
Single-Select or Multi-Select Pill Tabs Group
Settings group
To-Do List Repeating Group
Title Group with Button and Filters
Product Details Group With Progress Bar
Listing details with Icons and Menu Focus Group
Week Daily Availability Group
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Repeating Group
Dismissible Module
Video Group
About Group
Add to Cart Group
Full Width Map with Directions Link
Location Module (Map and Directions)
Drag and Drop Repeating Group
Infinite Columns Horizontal Scroll Data Table with Fixed First Column (Repeating Group)
Nested Data Table (Repeating Group)
Standard Data Table (Repeating Group)
Standard Data Table (Table Element)
Mobile-Friendly Data Table (Repeating Group)
Mobile-Friendly Data Table (Table Element)
Infinite Columns Horizontal Scroll Data Table (Repeating Group)
Infinite Columns Horizontal Scroll Data Table (Table Element)
Nested Repeating Group
Advanced Form Inputs Group
Reviews with Ratings Summary and Images
Reviews Repeating Group with User Images
Reviews (Text Only) Repeating Group
Standard Repeating Group with Image
Search Bar Group
Listing Details Group
Post Group with Upvoting UI
Large Chart Dashboard Widget
Chart With Key Metrics Dashboard Widget
Main Image with Thumbnails
Centered Profile Block
Left-justified Profile Block
Tile Image Gallery and Popup
Image Feed with Nested Comments Thread
1-Column Standard Form Inputs Group
2-Column Slideshow Tiles Repeating Group
2-Column Repeating Group (Text, Link, Image, and Description)
2-Column Repeating Group (Link, Text, and Button)
2-Column Repeating Group with Actions
2-Column Grid Tiles Repeating Group
2-Column Form Group
Expiration timer