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Page: admin Group name: Group Metadata - App variables tab Purpose: Used to manage app-wide configurations such as categories, picklists, and general variables (e.g., listing fee or percent fee of a deal).

These options appear under the App variables tab in the Metadata tab. The template comes with two setup examples.

The App Variable data type

The App Variable data type was designed to maintain values that are consistent and accessible across the full app. Values such as platform fee percentage, general categories, etc. These values are managed from this reusable.

To store a new value, simply add an additional field to the App Variable data type.

Managing a single value

Duplicate the element 'Popup Options - Update single value'. The popups data source is already referencing the main App Variable record. Update the input to reference the field, change the text as appropriate and set the workflows on the button to update the corresponding field value in the App Variable record.

You will need to follow these steps for every single value you want to maintain in the App Variables record.

Managing a picklist

Duplicate the element 'Popup Options - Update picklist'. The popups data source is already referencing the main App Variable record. UI is included in the popup to display a list of items, delete an item, and add new items.

Typically you should create a custom list state on the popup that is populated with the variable values when the popup is opened. When adding or deleting items from the popup UI, make changes directly to this custom state and only save the changes to the database when clicking the Save button. This helps avoid regretfully making unwanted changes to the database.

Add a new option setting to the UI

Once the popup to manage your new variable is ready, you will need to add a new option to the settings list so that you can access this popup from the admin portal. Here's how to do that.

Inside the main content group of the reusable, copy and paste the bottom option group with workflows.

Now click on the new option group, click Start/Edit Workflows, and update the workflow actions to apply to the new popup you created above.

Use the Copy with Workflows and Paste with Workflows options to avoid needing to setup new actions for each element

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