Activity Feed

Use this to display a list actions performed by users on an app or website


This is a visual asset for an activity feed with no workflows associated. This block is ideal for tracking statuses or actions performed by users.


This block contains three main groups

  • Group Activity Feed Includes a title group with filters and sorting dropdowns, and a button.

    • RepeatingGroup Activity Feed For demo purpose, we are currently using Arbitrary text as the data source. You will need to change this later on to reference your own data type by following instructions here.

      • The repeating group contains a reusable element called activity_feed and it temporarily uses a few reusable properties for demo purpose (you will need to remove these later on as you set the repeating group and the reusable element's data sources). Within the reusable element, there are various placeholder conditional statements on different elements for displaying:

        • Comments UI

        • Image

        • Attachment

        • User and status/action

        • Completion check mark

No workflows are associated with this asset and the user will be responsible for setting the data sources and conditional statements.

How to set up

  • Set the data source for RepeatingGroup Activity Feed

  • Go to the activity_feed reusable element and set the data source

  • Remove reusable properties and add new properties if needed

  • In the activity_feed reusable element, remove old references to the Current index and List count reusable properties in conditional statements

  • Add conditional statements to elements in activity_feed as needed

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