Standard Data Table (Repeating Group)

Use this to display data in a 4-column data table and for more complex data table UI (e.g. nested repeating groups)


This block allows a user to view a list of things in a data table format and apply additional filters to the list.

A user can click on the ︙icon to edit or delete an item via a menu focus group. For more information on how to use the menufocusgroup_template reusable element, please click here.

There is another version of this block built using a Table element instead of Bubble's Repeating Group element. You should use this Repeating Group version if you need a more complex data table UI (e.g. nested repeating groups or clicking on a row to expand more details below the row). If you're building a simple data table, then we recommend using the Table element version.


  • When this block is added to a page, it is placed within a Group main content - Paste group on the page. This group contains the responsive settings for all blocks.

  • This block contains three main groups:

    • Group Main title block This group contains the title, add button, and reusable element filters_template.

    • Group Inner tables header content This group contains the table column headers.

    • RepeatingGroup text This repeating group that holds the main data that is displayed by the table. For demo purposes, we use Arbitrary Text as a data source. Click here to learn how to change the data source.

  • This module contains the menufocus_template reusable element. This reusable element contains all the additional actions you can perform (e.g., edit data, delete data, and more)

How to set up

  • Update the data type and data source for RepeatingGroup text (you will most likely want to change this to a non-text data type). Click here to learn how to change the data source.

  • Update header text and the data source of the texts in the block

  • Remove Button Add or add a workflow to the button

  • For more information on how to customize the filters, please click here.

  • Open menufocus_template and modify the type of content displayed in the reusable to be whatever data object for which you want

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