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Basic Bubble Marketing Page


This page includes 3 marketing blocks built with Bubble elements. You can add more marketing blocks to the page by opening the Canvas extension > going to Blocks > Filtering on marketing blocks.


  • Page You can easily change the page background to one of our free svg backgrounds.
  • Group Main hero blocks This is the first block that users will see when they visit your website. This section should summarize what your website is about in a few sentences and include call to action buttons. This block includes a Group Collapsible Standard SearchBar that you can unhide by checking the box for 'This element is visible on page load'.
  • Group Main 2 column feature blocks This is block allows you to feature a list of items. Each item includes an icon, title, and description.
  • Group Main call to action block This block features a centered description text and two buttons.
This page also includes a popup and a reusable element:
  • Popup Hidden Variables contains four groups:
    • var - app settings This group stores the app settings object (e.g., app name, primary color, and etc.)
    • var - marketing page id (do not delete) This allows the Canvas extension to identify the page as a marketing page and to filter the extension blocks to show only marketing blocks
    • var - app variables This group stores the app variables object
    • var - dummy A placeholder group in case you want to use any hidden variable groups later.
  • Header
  • Footer

How to set up

Changing your page background

  • By default, the page will come with a few placeholder conditional statements. You should save the SVG backgrounds here for later use.
  • To use one of these backgrounds, simply toggle to the 'Appearance' tab and copy and paste the image settings from the 'Conditional' tab over.
  • To change the colors in the svg background, you would need to have a program that supports this format (e.g., Sketch app or Adobe illustrator).

Updates to older versions of the template

  • Please check your Canvas Base Template version by going to your Bubble editor > Data tab > App data tab > All websites table > Click to view the website entry and the Template version field. If your template version is not 3.3.3 or later then please add the following state and workflows:
    • Go to the header reusable and add a custom state called 'Remove background?' (yes/no)
    • Select Group Header and make the following changes to the conditional tab: Add a new conditional when header's Remove background? is "yes" then change background color opacity to 0 and set boxshadow style to "None". Modify the conditional statement when Current page scrolling position > 0 by adding and header's Remove background? is "no".

Show or hide a block

  • To show or hide a block, simply click on the main group and check or uncheck the box for 'This element is visible on page load'.
  • Update the data source of repeating groups in the features list blocks
  • Update the image and text content in the blocks and add workflows to buttons