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Sidebar tab

Reusable name: sidebar_tab
Overview: Used as sidebar tabs in the admin page and standard portal pages. You can copy and paste an existing sidebar_tab and define the reusable element properties below:
Icon Tab feather icon
Tab text Tab name (e.g. Users or Data type 1 from the image above) This will be used as the tab's name and as a parameter in the url (&tab=Tab text)
Default tab color Default tab background color
Selected tab color Tab background color for a selected tab (e.g. Blue tab in image above)
Hovered tab color Tab background color for a hovered tab (e.g. Gray tab in image above)
Selected font color Font and icon color for select tab
Hovered font color Font and icon color for hovered tab
Show subtab (y/n) If selected, a chevron icon will show next to the Tab text
Subtabs (string of text) Utilize Bubble's arbitrary text to pass and parse a string of subtab text
Notifications (number) If this value is not empty, a notifications badge with a count number will show
Example of defining a list of subtabs using 'Arbitrary text'
Workflows: Workflows to navigate to tab or subtab are included in this reusable element:
  • Clicking on a tab will append tab=Tab text to the url
  • Clicking on a subtab will append sub=Subtab text to the url
How to setup To show different content groups for each selected tab, you will add a conditional statement to the content group similar to the one below on the admin page or other portal pages:
or 'Get tab from page URL is sidebar_tab's text'