2-Column Slideshow Tiles Repeating Group

Use this to display a slideshow of images in a repeating group


This block displays a list of items, with each item showing a collection of images in a slideshow, profile picture, title, number of likes, and view count. A save button and navigational left and right arrows will show when a tile is hovered over.


This block contains a few main UI components:

  • RepeatingGroup Tiles All data will be displayed in this repeating group. For demo purpose, we're using arbitrary text as the data source. Click here to learn more about how to change the data source.

    • RepeatingGroup Images This repeating group will show a list of images in the slideshow. You will need to update the data type and data source to pass a list of images.

    • When Group Main image with buttons cell is hovered over on desktop, the save button and left/right navigational buttons will be visible. Clicking on a navigational button will trigger a workflow to show the previous or next entry in RepeatingGroup Images.

    • Group Main user and image info includes UI components for user information, number of likes, and view count.

  • Group Main empty state This group will be visible when RepeatingGroup Tiles does not have any entries.

How to set up

  • Update the data type and data source for RepeatingGroup Tiles. Ensure the data type includes a field of type list of images.

  • Update the data source for RepeatingGroup Images. This should be the field that has the list of images from above. The type of content for this repeating group should be "Image".

  • Hide or add a workflow to Group Save Button.

  • Update the dynamic data references in Group Main user and image info.

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