Account deletion

Canvas feature to allow users to delete their accounts


You can enable the account deletion feature for your app users. This will allow users to delete their accounts in your app from their Account page.

This feature is definitely useful if you plan to eventually wrap your app and submit it as a native app to the Apple or Google app stores so your users can access it from their smartphones.

Starting June 30, 2022, apps submitted to the App Store that support account creation must also let users initiate deletion of their account within the app.

Delete account

How to enable account deletion as an Admin

Log in your app with an App admin user and navigate to your Admin portal -> Settings tab.

Look for the 'Account deletion' option. When you click on the option, you'll be able to enable/disable this feature:

How can a user delete her/his account

If the Account deletion feature is enabled in your app, users are going to have a new option in their Account Settings page -> Account tab, the Delete account button:

When the user clicks on the button, a popup is shown. From the popup, the user can enter an optional account deletion reason, and is required to enter her/his password to confirm the action.

Once the user enters the correct password and clicks on the 'Delete account' button to confirm, all personal data is deleted from the User database record and the user is logged out of the app.

From that moment on, the user won't be able to log in again or recuperate any data.

App admins are not allowed to delete their accounts, that's a built-in security measure to prevent you from losing access to your Admin portal.

The App admin can still deactivate other App admin accounts from the Admin portal -> Users tab.

Completing the logic

Canvas has a built-in logic to delete the personal data that the User record holds.

However, remember that when building your application, it's your responsibility to add additional logic to delete all the data that your application stores about that user in the User Data type record, as well as in any other records in your database.

It is also advisable to move all the logic to an API workflow so the actions are performed on the server. Canvas built-in logic happens on the page to allow apps in a Bubble Free plan to have this feature working automatically.

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